Moving Forward: Edwin Loyola

An opportunity to change the course of your life, such as leaving everything that is familiar in order to start anew abroad, can bring both excitement and anxiety. Sometimes, even when met with preparedness, a change like this is so overwhelming that it leaves you dead on your tracks. But for Edwin Loyola, the move became a monumental challenge to pursue, create and inspire.

After receiving his petition from his father in 2008, Loyola, then already established as one of Philippine's multi-awarded artist/photographer, uprooted to California and there, set up shop. While keeping focus on his personal endeavors, he also started retaining clients, working as a photographer for portraits, debuts or weddings. Still, he says, the craft remains first and foremost, a hobby.

Fueled by America's beautiful sights and sceneries, Loyola makes it a point to enrich his skills by going on frequent trips, where he documents this by taking impressive photographs. The most memorable trips for him were those visits to Yosemite in 2008, where he stood and took a photo of the exact spot where Ansel Adams also stood; and trips to Mono Lake and the ghost town of Bodie in 2010, which he met with eager eyes, much like any first-timer.

Loyola has also started exploring with shooting using just an iPhone4, while saving the DSLR for just the big events. Because of the gadget's functionality, practicality and portability, his creativity and artistry is moving him to the next level where ultimately and hopefully, he will be able to fulfill his dreams as a cinematographer and filmmaker.

Tagged as the Dark Artist, this 2005 National Geographic awardee, is also blessed with a good heart. Loyola left one special thing behind in the Philippines before departing to America. He has actually established "Save Kids With Cancer", a charitable beneficiary aiding impoverished families. For the most part, when someone takes an interest and proposes to buy his photographs, the proceeds go to these kids' treatments and medicines. To further help the kids even while he is thousands of miles away, Loyola is working on completing the final drafts to his project to benefit "Save Kids With Cancer". The project involves a series of coffee table books featuring the work of over 200 photographers rounded up from all over the world.

It looks as though the changes have not hindered Loyola's creative ideas and philanthropic undertaking. Even better, he's forging ahead with more passion, offering hope and inspiring others, as far as his photographs and work can reach.

18th May 2012


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